Saturday, October 8, 2011

Silly Poem ~Mrs. Taylor Scale~

Mrs. Taylor Scale loves to tell me what she thinks

The only thing is,

She can’t make up her mind

When do I draw the line?

One day she says’s this

And the next day she says that

Wednesday she said that I was fat

If only Mrs. Taylor Scale

Would get a life

Instead of sitting there giving me her advice

She should think twice

Cause out the door

She will hit the floor

I won’t see her anymore.

I don’t need her advice

I’ll sit here and eat some chicken and rice

Cheese Cake, I hear your voice

I think I made the right choice.

Good bye, Mrs. Taylor Scale

Time for you to bail!

And put a knife to your throat

If you are a man given to appetite

Proverbs 23:2

Written By Bridget Sherman
©All articles and comments on Dinky’s Hum Drum Journal are the property of Bridget Sherman and are Copyright protected.

1 comment:

Red said...

Some people can get pretty annoying, they give you their advice, when they don't even know anything about the subject. Awsome poem.