Friday, September 28, 2012

Always Provides

Thank You LORD, for providing for all my needs

You give me water to drink and food to eat

You give me a bed and a pillow to lay my head

And a place so I can rest my feet

You bless me by sending the Holy Spirit

To remind me of Your Word

To guide, to comfort, to speak to me

"Come my daughter, I love you," is what I heard."

"Lay your cares and burdens before Me

Thoughts of peace I think towards you

Call upon Me and you will find

That I will carry you through"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Longer Want to Wait

I love when were alone

It's Your love that is shown

You make me feel so great

I no longer want to wait

Every minute of my life

I want to be your wife

I think of You day and night

You're the sun so bright

I can share my hurts and pains

You take away my chains

You comfort and wipe away my tears

You're the man that really cares

I can always count on you

Your promises are so true

I know You will always be with me

So I can be truly free

I choose to love You

Because Your love for me is true

Jesus, I love you,

Your Bride

Life Can Be Tough

Life sometimes can be hard

Tough walk, rolling slope

But always remember to give thanks

For our God gives us hope

Sit at the feet of Jesus

Hear what He has to say

Call out to Him and know

He will give peace to you today

We have a choice to be cheerful

To have joy in God above

Praise to Him only

He has sent the Holy Spirit by His love

Sunday, September 2, 2012

You Are My Portion

I cry out to You, my Father

You're the only One that really cares

You guide, protect, and lead me

You're the One that answers all my prayers

You're my portion in the land of the living

I will be content right where I am

Quite my spirit and comfort my heart

For I am You child, Your lamb

I feel alone a times of my life

I ask, "What's my purpose here on earth?"

You say, "To worship, serve, and to love

To trust, obey, and make Me first

You are not alone here on earth

I am with you at all times

To strength, guide, and comfort you

So you may help others and write these chimes

I have a plan for your life

Don't give up, continue on this run

I promise you will be blessed

And I will complete what I have begun

Life here on earth will always be tough

But remember I went through it too

I know how you feel, continue on

I'm here, I will see you through."

I cried out to You, O LORD:  I said, "You are my refuge, My portion in the land of the living.

Psalm 142:5