Sunday, September 27, 2009

39th Anniversary


Today my parents are celebrating their 39th anniversary in Lake Tahoe. They are enjoying the lake and the nature walks. When I called them they were taking a walk with their hats on and binoculars around their necks. They said that they looked like tourist. I can picture them right now because they wear the same thing when we use to go camping. I can hear my dad now roaring like a bear to scare us. He really sounded like one.

There were many things that I learn from my parents, but one that stands out right now is that they always like to spend time together, especially on their anniversary. They also taught me that in marriage there is good times and bad but they always forgave and shown love to each other. No matter what happen they always stick together. If I ask my mom out when I lived on the mountain she always said dad is coming too. She never left my dad out. My dad wouldn't leave my mom out either. I think they are connecting by the hip. Even when they got mad at each other my mom would tell us lets go and us kids would get in the car at start to drive away. My dad would be sitting on the couch mad. The car would stop and start to back up and we would look at each other wondering, what is she doing. She would stop in front of the house and tell me, go get your dad ask him if he wants to come. I would run in to the house and my dad would say "yea"!

If my mom orders a meal from a restaurant my dad would order the same meal. I love it! If my mom thought there was someone trying to brake into the house, my dad would jump up and protected. There was no one braking in to the house but to know that my dad would do anything to save his family, that makes him my hero. My sister and I always wanted to marry our dad, but he was already married to my mom. I think Amber might have married someone like him.

Everyday I saw my parents kiss good morning, good bye or hello. They would give us kisses too! We still do that but over the phone now! Kiss Kiss hang up now! My mom has always told me that my dad was her best friend and he comes first! She is a great wife and mom!


I love you mom and dad! Have a great anniversary.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Trip to the Guitar Center

Jade needed a new amp so we decided to go to Arlington to the guitar center. First we had to go to Taco Bell for lunch because Jade was hungry. She get the same thing all the time, soft taco and burrito with a medium drink. I got a large drink I'm always thirsty for a DR pepper.

I made sure to go on map quest to get directions, but it's hard when you finally get there and the streets are blocked. I now have to find another way to get to the other side. The streets here in TX are so confusing. Now to find my way back is going to be interesting. It normally takes 29mins but it took a hour for me.

Well, to watch Jade walk in and see her face was like watching children walk in to a candy store and say they can buy what ever they want. She just lit up! She played all the guitars and played the key boards, whe walked in to every ]around in circles looking at everything more then wanted to.

She went into one of the rooms where they had only two types of guitars and they were like in the thousands. She sat and smelt them like I like to smell new born baby heads. She had me take a picture of her smelling them. She was in love!

She finally decided to buy her amp, she bought it with her own money. I'm so proud of her. If you were to hear all the news songs she wrote you would be blowen away. God has truly given her talent and she worships Him with all her heart.

Thank you Father for my sunshine!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Far Away!

We have lived here in Texas for about a year now and I'm really liking it. Thou my Husband really doesn't like it much but I think it's rubbing off. He had a chance to go to CA for a week for a Doctors appointment. I hope that it went well!

Well, I haven't heard from him that much, he must be having a great time. Since he has been gone I have fixed the shade, the shade keeped falling down when we would pull it up. I got the dishwasher fix, it was only the water that was turned off. Clean our bedroom, there was dog hair all over the place. Learn to clean the bottom of the pool, it was really green. Had the kids clean the car, it was their mess anyways.

 Now I think I will clean the garage again! That is a never ending story. All the clothes are washed. The house is prefect, not for long though. The kids rooms are clean. What more is there for me to do. I guess farm town here I come, a game on facebook.
Believe it or not, but I have been making dinner every night. Remember Dennis is the cook in the house. I have made my favorite spaghetti, chicken nuggets, burritos, steaks, hot dogs,and pizza. Ok, I confess, we went out a few times. What can I say I try! I really want to make my mom's tuna casserole, yummy!

We miss Dennis and hope that he is having a great time. I hope soon he will call and give us a up date on everything. I think he is going to a car show today with his friends Bob and Joann. That was nice of them to let him stay at their home.
 They do have a nice home.

 Bob is a retired police officer and Judge, Joann is a retired detective. So I know nothing can go wrong. I miss my old home! The weather is so nice and the view is beautiful. I know that Dennis is loving it up there in Lake Arrowhead.
Even though he is far away we are missing him here at our new home in Texas. We are praying for you Dennis, I love you.