Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Resolution 2011

Here we go again, a new year! What will be my new resolution? I know..... lose weight!

Brother-in-law it's Calvin and Hobbes

Most of us want to lose weight. Yes, I have other ones, like having more wisdow, knowledge of God and His will for my life, don't forget, understanding....But that's a no brainer right Mom!

Where do I begin?
We start off with a big bang, but fizzel out in about a few months. I did pretty good this past year, I fizzled out in June. We join a gym, buy all the cool exercise equipment, watch Biggest Loser (my favorite show). Here comes the fizzel...all of a sudden we notice dust gathering up on all the cool equipment. Say to your self " I'll go to the gym tomorrow, there is always tomorrow. This will be my last good meal! (dining out)" I talk to my self all the time.

I'm big boned
 I don't want to look like that again. I lost 35 pounds this passed year...YAY for me! Give or take 5 pounds but holding. I weighed 216!

Eat what I want...Its the self control and quantity we need to learn.
1. Eat the right amount!
Ask , What do you think God would want you to eat and how much?

2. Exercise
I exercised 30 min to 60 min every 5 to 6 days of the week. I walked, hiked, stepped, and biked. It worked!

3. Pray
Especially when I was hungry and ate 20 minutes ago. Normally you need to eat every 5 hours. I like my snacks though. Help LORD!

Read every thing that will help you focus on your goal. I also read what the bible said about gluttony...I was not happy.

Jesus come and take me away

This year, I guess I have 4 resolutions. I want to lose 30 pounds, but I will start January 1st or 2nd.  I can do this and so can you! Remember first and foremost we are not to satisfy our selfish and harmful appetites but rather use our bodies to bring glory to God.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 1

What I'm thankful for this week

I found this blog called Curious Georgi and she has a Thankful Thursday Top 10 list. I really enjoyed reading her blogs so I decided to start a Thankful Thursday Top 10 also.

Well, we do need to be thankful everyday but I will share what I'm thankful every Thursday with you all. I do notice when you have a thankful heart our attitude does change. I will start off with scripture.

Enter into the gates with thanksgiving And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. For The Lord is good. His mercy is everlasting. And His truth endures to all generations. Psalm 100

Thank you for saving me so I can have everlasting life in heaven with you. With out Him I wouldn't have life, family, or friends. Oh, the word of God so I can live a godly life here on earth.

Thank you for my family. Their love... for the many ways You use them to meet my needs, encourage, lighten my load and nourish me

Thankful for friends that enrich my knowledge of you, build me up in your faith, to council and correct.

Thankful that I had another day to love on my children and husband. To share Your love to them.

Thankful that I have a bed to get in to every night. Thankful on how you provide for me and my family everyday.

Thankful for having food on the table and even having enough to feed our guesses that came by tonight.

Thankful for my pet...even if I think they're dumb dogs. They are the best dogs ever. Especially Skipping.

Thankful that we have a day to celebrate Jesus birth. Even though He wasn't born in December and it was created by the pagans. I'm thankful that the meaning for the season is Christ. Well, at least for me and my family it is.

Thankful for all my babies, that's included my nephews and nieces. They smell so good and are sweet to hold. Thankful that I will get to hold my grand baby soon again.....Jayla you smell so good.

Thankful to have another year to dedicate to God. To give Him the glory for everything that He has given us. We are so blessed!

Every week Curious Georgi invites friends in blogworld to join us in being Thankful.
Click on her button and make new friends. 

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Night After Christmas

The night we came home we drove up to the front of the house and notice that part of the street was very wet. My husband thought that the water main broke. I thought "please LORD no!" I really didn't want to be without water or pay for anything. As he was looking at our out side water faucets, I heard a gush a water running. As I followed the sound I can see that the storm drain was full and running fast. I was walking back to the house and I can see in the middle of the street water linking slowing from the ground. Wow, I was glad that it wasn't on my property.

Dennis call the water district and they came out fast to see the problem. They decided that they could come by in the morning to fix it. Bright and early they were out making noise. As my friends and family know this family sleeps in except Jade, she gets up early. It took all day and yes, we didn't have water in the house. Jade was not happy because she wanted to take a shower.

About 5pm the problem was fix and the water was turn on. Jade jump in the shower as fast as she could. She was planning on going out that night. Good for her because about 2 hours later the linking came back but instead of it being slow its was like a sink hole. Water every where, that patch burst. Of course my husband called the water district again and they were not happy. They immediately came out. You should of seen the look on their faces. :o

Once again, no water, it took about 4 hours for them to fix it. The next morning we went out to look and they patched it up, but left the street all broken up. It's been about 2 days and they haven't been back. Maybe they went on vacation. Oh, yes we have water now! What would we do with out water? DIE! Thank you Jesus for it not being on my property and thank you for water. (That's my house in the back round. I know, it needs lots of work)

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sleeping Day

Today was one of those days. It rained a lot and it was cold, well it was in the house (cold). It was quite for most of the day. I just read and blogged. Sipped on coffee and ate my pop tarts (fiber one).
I put away the Christmas stuff (as my mom would say). Cleaned up and now blogging again. I guess Eyve had so much fun with her friend that she decided to take a nap with her dad. As you see my dumb dogs take naps all day long except when we get visitors and they bark and bark in till they get some attention. My dogs especially muffin think the world revoles around them.

Jade and Josh were upstairs doing their thing. Jade my song writer. She can stay in her room all day singing and writing. Josh my swordsman can play all day. Wait, he told me that he's to old to play. He just uses his imagination. If only I can get them to do their school work some of the day. I do believe in miracles! I guess they think that they're still on Christmas vacation. Just wait kids, you have a lot to do tomorrow.

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fit these pictures. One day I will figure it out. Everyone is up and out of the rooms. I guess it's time to eat! What am I going to make? I know, 15 bean soup with hamhocks and corn bread, or maybe I will just sit here and take a nap now. They can warm up their own food can't they?

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Yesterday was a good day, I got to relax and enjoy the rest. Dennis made dinner (he normally does) it was corn bread and 15 beans soup with hamhocks. It was so good, but of course the kids didn't like it. I didn't even have to clean up. That was really nice because when Dennis cooks everything is out. What a mess he makes! But I love his food.

Josh hung out with dad and played a new game called Star Craft. Where they battle each other out, Josh is in the school room and yells out, "I got you," Dennis in the living room yells out, "never". Those two can play all day if they could. Protoss vs Protoss

Eyvette's friend from across the street spent the night. They played and baked cookies, they roller blade and watched a movie late that night.. They decided to make my kitchen floor into a ocean filled with fish and sharks today. Kids they do have a great imagination.

Jade also had some friends over, I love it when they do because they end up playing the guitar and worshiping the LORD. First it was Caleb, I was able to record without them knowing until the end they noticed. Then Aaron, the worship leader from the church we attend came by and they worshiped too. But I couldn't record them. One day I will! They sound so good together. But of course Jade always sounds good to me. Here is a video of them, but don't tell!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at Ambers

This Christmas we decided to go out to my sister in OK. She is 36 weeks pregnant and she shouldn't be driving. Her feet are swollen and she should keep off of them. So, we left our dungeon in TX to be with her. We never leave our home on Holidays so this was going to be different.

We are helping her around the house and took broody out for walks (her dog). We left skip and muffin at home because they would be way to much. Thank you Anna and Caleb for watching them for us. We do miss them, even if I think they are dumb dogs.

We had our first white people Christmas this year (In side joke). Mexicans unwrap presents on Christmas eve and unwrap tamales, but we unwrap present before we came because there is no room to bring them in the car and we had ham and mash potatoes instead (lol). Dennis does make a good ham. We had eggs and ham for breakfast, ham sandwiches for lunch, and ham for dinner again. I'm done with ham. Sister we should have made tamales like you wanted. We will soon.

We had a great time here, we went to seen Gullivers Travels,we went to the park and played, we hung out at home and spent time together. We went for walks and seen some homes all lit up. Amber has one tree with lights and it looks like a person praising the LORD. She decorated her home so nice.

We will be going to Church tomorrow and then be heading home, I think. Thank you sister for having us here. I'm glad that I have family with me. I really miss all my girls. Merry Christmas family and friends. Oh here is a video of Aunty, keep her in prayer she can't put on her own shoes. The girls are helping her.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family 2010

My family in the month of December 2010
Its been about 2 years since we had taken family pictures. The last one was here in Texas and Megan was with us. I remember all the fun times we had when all the kids were together. Now I have the three kids and we are making new fun times.
It was really nice of our Pastor to offer to take our family pictures. He did a great job. There was so many that I liked. You can go to and see some of them. He took over 400 picture but of course I didn't post all of them only the ones I really liked.

Jade is my sunshine, she always puts a smile on my faces. I love that I wake up with her worshiping the LORD I cant ask for anything better then that. I got real busy this morning and she asked me "mom have you spent time with the LORD yet?" She keeps me on my toes. What would I do with out her? I know that the LORD is using her so much. I am so Blessed!

My son grew so much from last year. He is taller then Jade now. He must been about 5'2 and he is going to be 12. I'm so proud of him. He is growing to be such a godly young man. I can hear him right now in his room playing the harmonica. He wants to learn to play a instrument. He goes in to Jade's room and plays her key board. If he could he would play the drums but we cant afford them right now. One day, maybe!

Eyvette is to cute, she is always making us laugh. She receive a easy bake for Christmas from her older sister and she has been baking almost all day. She woke me up with a chocolate cake for breakfast. Her friend that she made that lives across the street is spending the night tonight and they made cookies, cake, and melted chocolate. She is having a blast.

My Husband is a character, I love him so. He also keeps me on my toes.I am so bless that he loves to cook. Well, I have to clean the mess but the meals are great. Since he has been home I have gain about 7 to 10 pounds. Not happy with that, but happy that he is back from California.

I wanted to get these pictures a little earlier so I can send them out as Christmas Card. but it is to late now.This is one of many family picture taken of us. Thank you Pastor Allen, you did a great job.

We are off to OK to be with my sister for Christmas She is now 36 weeks and cant really get around much. I'm so excited because I love it when I'm around my family I do miss my children and my family. My God is my comfronter.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the bloggers!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brotherly Love

I had to take this picture of my kids loving on each other. I'm telling you, if you have normal bratty kids, you know that the love only comes once in a thousand years. No, I'm just kidding. But I don't have many pictures of them doing this.

Tonight is movie night and we all choose a movie and eat popcorn. Believe me, we have to do what ever we can to get our teenager out of her room. The kids beg her to come out! So of course, she really picks the movie (brat). I know they love each other because they tease, complain, fight, and tell on each. So you see I had to take this picture. But as soon as I took the picture and Josh did something to irratiate Jade and that's was the end of that.

It's funny how Josh can tease Jade so much but want to hang out with her and even say and thinks she's cool. He wants her opinion and how and what to wear. When it's time for bed he sneaks in to her room and I can her them messing around. On Saturday he won a Sonic card so he took her on a date and bought her lunch. (Dennis drop them off). They walked around the park and went window shopping at the near by stores. They had so much fun together.

I hope that they remember all these things and enjoy each other because time goes by so fast. Jade will be graduating next year and leaving for college. I will only have two children left in my home. I don't know if I can handle that. I really miss all my babies. The house use to be so full. One day I hope that I will have them all together again, I ask for just one more time (fingers crossed). Kids if you remember some good stories write them down for me. Oh and you to sister. My memory is going!

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New Friends

Eyvette as you know is homeschooled and sometimes she wants to just go out and play. Ok, she wants to go out and play all the time. But most of the kids in this neighborhood go to school. Well, this week the kids in the neighbor hood have school off (Thanksgiving week). This is her chance to meet a new girl that moved in across the street. The bible does say "A man that has friends must himself be friendly".
There were a couple of girls across the street playing, so Evyette went over and introduce her self and found out that she knew one of the girls from Missionettes. YAY! Good ice breaker! She was visiting the new girl that lived across the street. This made it easy for her now to meet the new girl.

I can see them playing together and having fun. Playing racket ball, and then base ball. Well, I guess they got really hot so they decided to come over and jump in to the pool. I thought wow, it's like only 77 degrees today, but ok. They put on their bathing suits and stepped in the pool. Which is not heated! "It's cold" they said. It was 46 degrees in the pool. Yep, it is cold! They splashed around for about 5 min and that was the end of playing in the pool. So they decided to sun bathe.
I'm so happy that Eyvette as a new friend! She isn't afraid to go out and just introduce herself. I think that some of us adults have that problem. We get in our little bubble and don't take the time to meet other people. Who knows, they might become really good friends. Eyvette encourages me more then she thinks. My little social butterfly! I am so thankful for new friends!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Brother

I wanted to share that when I was in California for the birth of my grand baby I got to spend a lot of time with my parents and my brother Joey. My brother is one year younger then me and is the second oldest of us all. I truly had missed him. It was about two years or so since I got to spend time with him.

We did so many things when I was visiting. The first thing we did was go to the beach. It was so cold but so much fun. I love the beach, I just don't like the sand, it get everywhere if you know what I mean. My parents love the beach too. My mom would love to go and sit and listen to the crashing of the waves. She lived near the beach all her childhood years. My sister was with us too but I see her all the time. This story is about me and my brother. hahah

I think the next thing we did was go to the fair. The Pomona fair. That was fun too. We walked around, ate a lot of food and watched a parade. Oh, and took lots of pictures. My sister is good about taking pictures. So this blog will have pictures of us. We even have one of me eating corn. Yummy corn! Give me some of that corn! The food in California is so much better then Texas food. But the fairs in Texas have a lot more things to see, and is a lot nicer.

We went to two car shows. One on the mountain where my parents live and one down the mountain which is called Route 66. They had over 2000 cars. My brother had my sister take so many picture of his favorite types of cars. I mean lots and lots of pictures. I love him so! We did stay late and and enjoyed it. I think that the fumes and the riving of the engines might have been to much though.
I enjoyed just sitting and watching his favorite TV shows. But don't ask me what the names of the shows are because I forget. All that matters is that I got to hang out with him and watch him laugh. Well fefe (my mom's little chihuahua) his bittbull sit on his lap.
My brother made us dinner and is now one of my favorites. Chow Mean, it's the most easy meal to make and it tastes good too! If you want the recipe just let me know. I can picture him making it right now.
My brothers favorite nick name for me is butt head, but I know that I'm his favorite sister because of how he says it. All his sisters are called butt head. What can I say that's my brother. I love you brother! Next time brother, I'm going to tie you up in back of a trunk and make you run be hide it! (Inside joke)

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged. I'm here sitting on this chair that really belongs to my husband but I've taking it over. I don't know why? It's so uncomfortable. I can feel the springs shooting up, so I have to sit on a pillow. It's starting to get cold again and I love it. I actually love fall, the smell, ai,r and colors. Anyway, This blog has been on my mind, so I decided to come back. I really don't know who really cares what is going on in my life, but oh well.

Dennis has been home for about 3 months now and things are doing great. He was in California for awhile helping his dad. His mom past away in January and it was hard I think on all of them. It was hard on us at home too! The kids are really happy now that he is home again.

We have been so busy which is a good thing, I just forgot about my blogs. The kids are involved in JBQ which is Junior bible quiz , Royal Rangers , and Missionettes. It's like boy scout and girl scout, but Christian. Jade is really busy too. She helps lead worship for the youth and in the big church too. Cant forget school, I'm the teacher.

Lots of things happen this year, I'm a grandma now, Yay! My oldest daughter Brook gave birth to Jayla on September 21. She was 6 lbs 5 oz and 19 inches. The most beautiful baby in the whole except for my babies of course. Isn't she sweet! I call her my little brown button. We have skpe dates every Tuesday and I got to see her roll over. She's only 2 months and she is already rolling over. She is strong. I look at her and she reminds me so much of Brook when she was a baby. I miss those days.

My brother in law is serving in the army and has been gone I believe since September. My sister is going to have their first baby in January, so excited! Little James is his name. His room is so nice, Dennis painted it baby blue. We cant wait to meet him. James gets to come home for the birth. Please pray for his safety. My daughters Brook and Megan are coming out for the birth too, so I will get to see them and hold my grand baby. I just want to smell her head.

We had Ambers (sister) baby shower here at my home. It turn out so nice my parents got to come out. Josh and Eyve were so happy to spend time with their grandparents. They wished they didn't have to leave. Me too! Amber received lots of things. We played games and had lots of food. I cant wait to see those pictures.

We are going to a new church and I've become a berean, not that I wasn't before, but at least I knew what was being taught. Here, I really have to dig in the word and make sure my kids are being taught right.It's all good! I love it! I have learned so much that I want to tell everyone. I think I have grown more then I ever have in these last two years. Hard stuff!

Well, it's getting late and I can't remember everything else, but that's ok. I know that my grammer is off and I spelled things wrong, but that ok, it's my blog right!
Good night


Monday, May 3, 2010

Josh is now 11 yrs old

How time goes by so fast. I remember always wanting a son and for some reason thought I would never have one. After three girls, God answered my prayer. I love you son so much and I am so blessed and thankful that He gave you to me. You bring so much joy to my life. Thank you Josh for all your hugs and kisses for making me laugh. I love you my man!
He wants to go and see Iron man 2, so I am going to the midnight showing with him. Josh wants mac and cheese for dinner and pudding for desert. He doesn't like cake so pudding he gets. It's 11:56pm right now. So I'm going to wake him up and be the first one to wish him a happy bithday.
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to my little Man, Happy bithday to you.
I love you,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snow in Texas

God is so good!
Well, since we have lived here in Texas we have missed the snow on our mountains. We miss the snow, the snow fights, the beauty of the snow falling and the snow flakes. God has been so good that he has allowed it to snow every year since we have been here. Now as I hear, it doesn't snow where we live, normally. Joshua has prayed for snow and God answered. He was so excited!

So on this day it was a snow day. No school! They all got up early(Jade, Joshua and Eyvette) to play in the snow. It was fun to just sit and watch them. They had snow fights and made snow men. Skip (our dog) had fun too. Chasing the fire truck going by. Lots of car crashes.. So she had to come in.

What a great day! I know that I haven't blog for such a long time. I thought this would be good to share. We need to recognize that we can see God in everything if we choose to. We can choose to thank Him for the good and bad. And know that He loves to bless us. What a blessing to see my kids eyes lite up and see them play! Thank you Jesus!