Thursday, November 12, 2009


The kids wanted to dress up and go out for Halloween, so we took them to a church up the street that had all kinds of thing to do. We really don't celebrate halloween. Every year we would have a puppet show about the light, the true light, which is Jesus on this dark night. All of are puppeteers have moved on.

This year we let Josh dress as Frankenstein, Dennis had rent old Frankenstein moves and Josh liked them. So I gave in and let him be Frankie. Evye wasn't sure what she whated to be, plus we weren't going to buy anything, Dennis found our lod clown outfit that we used to dress up in when we did puppet shows. She looked so adroable. Everyone thought she was so cute. As we walked to the church people that drove by honked at her and she would wave. Jade, well she found out that there use to be white Indians, so thats what she decided to be. My little white squaw!

They didn't end up with much candy, I enjoy the chocolate. But thats ok , we do need to stay way from sugar. That night was fun and thats what counts. The kids will have a good memory. I hope I remember also.