Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weight Loss Update Week 2

New Year Resolation Update

This week was very interesting, so many different emotions running through me. I’ve felt excitement, stress, worry, joy, lonely, disconnected, and discontent. I need to run to Jesus and not food, its called heart hunger. Many times I’ve ran to food to comfort me. This time I ran to Jesus, and He comforted me.

When the body is hungry, the stomach grumbles and burns, ect. It takes about 5 hours for me to be really hungry. That’s when I know I need food. I need to eat when my body is hungry. Did you know that your stomach is as big as your fist? That’s how much food we are supposed to eat, the size of your fist. I think my stomach is as big as a MACK truck. I like to eat two very small snacks, one after lunch and one after dinner.


I focused on the portion of my food and ate when I was hungry. I thought I was hungry a lot but asked myself, “is this heart or stomach hunger?” I talk to myself all the time. Don’t forget to drink water!


I walked a lot this week. Brody, my sister’s dog had to be walked every day. So off I went, about 30 minutes 6 days a week.


I already told you that I don’t have a good relationship with the scale, last week I loved it. I try my best not to step on it every day. Some people say to weigh yourself every day, some say to weigh once a week. This week I weighed myself once and I have gained 3 pounds. I know it doesn’t make sense to me. …but I’m not going to give up. That’s how my body is…..I do know that my pants fit me better, so I lost inches.  I weigh 1?7 I despise that scale!!!!
I'm throwing you out the door!

Until Next Week…….

Weight Loss tip for the Week

Eat only when your body is hungry and remember your stomach is as big as your fist.

Fitness Tip for the Week

Exercise a little bit more than last week.

Dining Out Dos and Don’t

Ordering a salad as a starter and split a meal with a friend. Don’t order appetizers or side meals.


Certain foods can help burn fat.

Fact: There are no foods with magic fat-burning ingredients. Some foods with caffeine temporally speed up your metabolism, but probably not enough to lead to weight loss.

Proverbs 21:21

He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honour.

Long-distance runners train themselves to think of the finish line. They visualize it just ahead. They say this keeps them from wanting to give up somewhere along the way. The reward of crossing the finish line is worth more than any pain or discomfort on the way. Dieters can learn from this. Instead of dwelling on how hungry we are, or how much we long for rich foods, we should continually think in terms of the rewards that await us at the end. Christians follow Christ with hope of a heavenly reward. Faith means we await something yet to come. Dieting means we live in the hope of trimming down and looking fit.

Today's thought: The reward of our diet is greater than the sacrifice!

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Candra Georgi said...

i was really blessed by what you said. very wise. we've been vacationing for almost 4 weeks [cruise last week] ha ha

diet starts's the get-the-baby-weight-off diet...i have baby fever again :)