Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family 2010

My family in the month of December 2010
Its been about 2 years since we had taken family pictures. The last one was here in Texas and Megan was with us. I remember all the fun times we had when all the kids were together. Now I have the three kids and we are making new fun times.
It was really nice of our Pastor to offer to take our family pictures. He did a great job. There was so many that I liked. You can go to and see some of them. He took over 400 picture but of course I didn't post all of them only the ones I really liked.

Jade is my sunshine, she always puts a smile on my faces. I love that I wake up with her worshiping the LORD I cant ask for anything better then that. I got real busy this morning and she asked me "mom have you spent time with the LORD yet?" She keeps me on my toes. What would I do with out her? I know that the LORD is using her so much. I am so Blessed!

My son grew so much from last year. He is taller then Jade now. He must been about 5'2 and he is going to be 12. I'm so proud of him. He is growing to be such a godly young man. I can hear him right now in his room playing the harmonica. He wants to learn to play a instrument. He goes in to Jade's room and plays her key board. If he could he would play the drums but we cant afford them right now. One day, maybe!

Eyvette is to cute, she is always making us laugh. She receive a easy bake for Christmas from her older sister and she has been baking almost all day. She woke me up with a chocolate cake for breakfast. Her friend that she made that lives across the street is spending the night tonight and they made cookies, cake, and melted chocolate. She is having a blast.

My Husband is a character, I love him so. He also keeps me on my toes.I am so bless that he loves to cook. Well, I have to clean the mess but the meals are great. Since he has been home I have gain about 7 to 10 pounds. Not happy with that, but happy that he is back from California.

I wanted to get these pictures a little earlier so I can send them out as Christmas Card. but it is to late now.This is one of many family picture taken of us. Thank you Pastor Allen, you did a great job.

We are off to OK to be with my sister for Christmas She is now 36 weeks and cant really get around much. I'm so excited because I love it when I'm around my family I do miss my children and my family. My God is my comfronter.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the bloggers!

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