Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Friends

Eyvette as you know is homeschooled and sometimes she wants to just go out and play. Ok, she wants to go out and play all the time. But most of the kids in this neighborhood go to school. Well, this week the kids in the neighbor hood have school off (Thanksgiving week). This is her chance to meet a new girl that moved in across the street. The bible does say "A man that has friends must himself be friendly".
There were a couple of girls across the street playing, so Evyette went over and introduce her self and found out that she knew one of the girls from Missionettes. YAY! Good ice breaker! She was visiting the new girl that lived across the street. This made it easy for her now to meet the new girl.

I can see them playing together and having fun. Playing racket ball, and then base ball. Well, I guess they got really hot so they decided to come over and jump in to the pool. I thought wow, it's like only 77 degrees today, but ok. They put on their bathing suits and stepped in the pool. Which is not heated! "It's cold" they said. It was 46 degrees in the pool. Yep, it is cold! They splashed around for about 5 min and that was the end of playing in the pool. So they decided to sun bathe.
I'm so happy that Eyvette as a new friend! She isn't afraid to go out and just introduce herself. I think that some of us adults have that problem. We get in our little bubble and don't take the time to meet other people. Who knows, they might become really good friends. Eyvette encourages me more then she thinks. My little social butterfly! I am so thankful for new friends!

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Anonymous said...

Yes she has a great personalty.but so do you.your like a magnet that attracts people.they just love to be around you cause you and Eyvette are the same.