Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sleeping Day

Today was one of those days. It rained a lot and it was cold, well it was in the house (cold). It was quite for most of the day. I just read and blogged. Sipped on coffee and ate my pop tarts (fiber one).
I put away the Christmas stuff (as my mom would say). Cleaned up and now blogging again. I guess Eyve had so much fun with her friend that she decided to take a nap with her dad. As you see my dumb dogs take naps all day long except when we get visitors and they bark and bark in till they get some attention. My dogs especially muffin think the world revoles around them.

Jade and Josh were upstairs doing their thing. Jade my song writer. She can stay in her room all day singing and writing. Josh my swordsman can play all day. Wait, he told me that he's to old to play. He just uses his imagination. If only I can get them to do their school work some of the day. I do believe in miracles! I guess they think that they're still on Christmas vacation. Just wait kids, you have a lot to do tomorrow.

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fit these pictures. One day I will figure it out. Everyone is up and out of the rooms. I guess it's time to eat! What am I going to make? I know, 15 bean soup with hamhocks and corn bread, or maybe I will just sit here and take a nap now. They can warm up their own food can't they?

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Amber Williamson said...

You are doing great with the pictures...I'll try to become more familiar with blogspot and see if I can help a sista' out!