Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snow in Texas

God is so good!
Well, since we have lived here in Texas we have missed the snow on our mountains. We miss the snow, the snow fights, the beauty of the snow falling and the snow flakes. God has been so good that he has allowed it to snow every year since we have been here. Now as I hear, it doesn't snow where we live, normally. Joshua has prayed for snow and God answered. He was so excited!

So on this day it was a snow day. No school! They all got up early(Jade, Joshua and Eyvette) to play in the snow. It was fun to just sit and watch them. They had snow fights and made snow men. Skip (our dog) had fun too. Chasing the fire truck going by. Lots of car crashes.. So she had to come in.

What a great day! I know that I haven't blog for such a long time. I thought this would be good to share. We need to recognize that we can see God in everything if we choose to. We can choose to thank Him for the good and bad. And know that He loves to bless us. What a blessing to see my kids eyes lite up and see them play! Thank you Jesus!
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Anonymous said...

Yes God is Good I Love Josh Boy and Eyvette's Snow Boy and Snow Girl Love Grandma