Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yesterday was a good day, I got to relax and enjoy the rest. Dennis made dinner (he normally does) it was corn bread and 15 beans soup with hamhocks. It was so good, but of course the kids didn't like it. I didn't even have to clean up. That was really nice because when Dennis cooks everything is out. What a mess he makes! But I love his food.

Josh hung out with dad and played a new game called Star Craft. Where they battle each other out, Josh is in the school room and yells out, "I got you," Dennis in the living room yells out, "never". Those two can play all day if they could. Protoss vs Protoss

Eyvette's friend from across the street spent the night. They played and baked cookies, they roller blade and watched a movie late that night.. They decided to make my kitchen floor into a ocean filled with fish and sharks today. Kids they do have a great imagination.

Jade also had some friends over, I love it when they do because they end up playing the guitar and worshiping the LORD. First it was Caleb, I was able to record without them knowing until the end they noticed. Then Aaron, the worship leader from the church we attend came by and they worshiped too. But I couldn't record them. One day I will! They sound so good together. But of course Jade always sounds good to me. Here is a video of them, but don't tell!


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Bridget said...

I love my new camera with video.Can you tell? Thank you Brooky and Jacob