Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Night After Christmas

The night we came home we drove up to the front of the house and notice that part of the street was very wet. My husband thought that the water main broke. I thought "please LORD no!" I really didn't want to be without water or pay for anything. As he was looking at our out side water faucets, I heard a gush a water running. As I followed the sound I can see that the storm drain was full and running fast. I was walking back to the house and I can see in the middle of the street water linking slowing from the ground. Wow, I was glad that it wasn't on my property.

Dennis call the water district and they came out fast to see the problem. They decided that they could come by in the morning to fix it. Bright and early they were out making noise. As my friends and family know this family sleeps in except Jade, she gets up early. It took all day and yes, we didn't have water in the house. Jade was not happy because she wanted to take a shower.

About 5pm the problem was fix and the water was turn on. Jade jump in the shower as fast as she could. She was planning on going out that night. Good for her because about 2 hours later the linking came back but instead of it being slow its was like a sink hole. Water every where, that patch burst. Of course my husband called the water district again and they were not happy. They immediately came out. You should of seen the look on their faces. :o

Once again, no water, it took about 4 hours for them to fix it. The next morning we went out to look and they patched it up, but left the street all broken up. It's been about 2 days and they haven't been back. Maybe they went on vacation. Oh, yes we have water now! What would we do with out water? DIE! Thank you Jesus for it not being on my property and thank you for water. (That's my house in the back round. I know, it needs lots of work)

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