Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday Top Ten 1

What I'm thankful for this week

I found this blog called Curious Georgi and she has a Thankful Thursday Top 10 list. I really enjoyed reading her blogs so I decided to start a Thankful Thursday Top 10 also.

Well, we do need to be thankful everyday but I will share what I'm thankful every Thursday with you all. I do notice when you have a thankful heart our attitude does change. I will start off with scripture.

Enter into the gates with thanksgiving And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. For The Lord is good. His mercy is everlasting. And His truth endures to all generations. Psalm 100

Thank you for saving me so I can have everlasting life in heaven with you. With out Him I wouldn't have life, family, or friends. Oh, the word of God so I can live a godly life here on earth.

Thank you for my family. Their love... for the many ways You use them to meet my needs, encourage, lighten my load and nourish me

Thankful for friends that enrich my knowledge of you, build me up in your faith, to council and correct.

Thankful that I had another day to love on my children and husband. To share Your love to them.

Thankful that I have a bed to get in to every night. Thankful on how you provide for me and my family everyday.

Thankful for having food on the table and even having enough to feed our guesses that came by tonight.

Thankful for my pet...even if I think they're dumb dogs. They are the best dogs ever. Especially Skipping.

Thankful that we have a day to celebrate Jesus birth. Even though He wasn't born in December and it was created by the pagans. I'm thankful that the meaning for the season is Christ. Well, at least for me and my family it is.

Thankful for all my babies, that's included my nephews and nieces. They smell so good and are sweet to hold. Thankful that I will get to hold my grand baby soon again.....Jayla you smell so good.

Thankful to have another year to dedicate to God. To give Him the glory for everything that He has given us. We are so blessed!

Every week Curious Georgi invites friends in blogworld to join us in being Thankful.
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Candra Georgi said...

thanks Bridget for participating! great to "meet" you. i hope you will start off the new year being thankful every week with us! it's been so refreshing for me! oh and do love how little ones smell too [most of the time!]

do you know how to hyperlink in your blog? could you please link my blogs name "Curious Georgi" to, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dinky what can I say.I just Love your Journal the story's was so good.I thank have a way with words so Proud of you and Ambey.

Amber Williamson said...

Good job sister on the blog! You are becoming quite the blogger :) I will show you how to hyperlink next time we see each other so you can give credit to your friend Candra Georgi's blog!

Love you...I look forward to reading more posts