Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at Ambers

This Christmas we decided to go out to my sister in OK. She is 36 weeks pregnant and she shouldn't be driving. Her feet are swollen and she should keep off of them. So, we left our dungeon in TX to be with her. We never leave our home on Holidays so this was going to be different.

We are helping her around the house and took broody out for walks (her dog). We left skip and muffin at home because they would be way to much. Thank you Anna and Caleb for watching them for us. We do miss them, even if I think they are dumb dogs.

We had our first white people Christmas this year (In side joke). Mexicans unwrap presents on Christmas eve and unwrap tamales, but we unwrap present before we came because there is no room to bring them in the car and we had ham and mash potatoes instead (lol). Dennis does make a good ham. We had eggs and ham for breakfast, ham sandwiches for lunch, and ham for dinner again. I'm done with ham. Sister we should have made tamales like you wanted. We will soon.

We had a great time here, we went to seen Gullivers Travels,we went to the park and played, we hung out at home and spent time together. We went for walks and seen some homes all lit up. Amber has one tree with lights and it looks like a person praising the LORD. She decorated her home so nice.

We will be going to Church tomorrow and then be heading home, I think. Thank you sister for having us here. I'm glad that I have family with me. I really miss all my girls. Merry Christmas family and friends. Oh here is a video of Aunty, keep her in prayer she can't put on her own shoes. The girls are helping her.

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