Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beware, Crazy Jamma With Camera

 Little Brown Button

I’m so thankful to have had this time with my first granddaughter. I’m blessed and over whelmed with joy. She brought laughter, smiles, and a glow to my face. I know that she will never remember this time we had, but I will.

It was my pleasure to play with her, change her diaper, feed her, watch over her, walk with her, put her to sleep, give her a bath, smell her head, talk to her, love on her, and pray for her.

I must have taken over 100 pictures, but these are my favorites. I know that you will think she is the cutiest baby you have ever seen……. besides your own.

It's so strange to not have her here, the house seems so empty. She did keep us busy….like if I wasn’t busy before.

Brooky, I’m content with my little brown button! Thank you!

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from mel said...

What a great blessing to have a grand daughter! It's so precious!