Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top 10 (6)

Power Outages
 This is what I’m thankful for this week,

1. Electricity
Power went out yesterday about 6am in the morning, we all snuggled up under the covers because it was so cold. 48,000 people without power here in Texas.

2. Fire Station
We live across the street from the fire station, so, what I’m really thankful for is that when the power goes out, these neighborhoods will be the first to get power….. Freezing!

3. Gas Oven
We can cook food and make coffee. I have to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Except for yesterday, I had more cups then I should.

4. Family and Friends
For their prayers and opening their homes, so we can stay warm. Thank you!

5. Down Comforters
They really keep us warm. I need to buy a few more.

6. Shelter
 There’re so many people that need help during these times. Duncanville Senor Citizen Shelter opened up their doors to anyone that needs a meal and to stay warm.

7. Utility Workers 
I know they get paid for their jobs, but I am thankful because they have to work in such bad weather. They get the job done. 

8. Charged Batteries
So I can use my laptop and work on my two blogs. Need the cell phone in case of emergency.

9. Days Like Yesterday
Great memories, I remember when we lived on the mountain, all the kids lived with us, the power would go out, we would be in the living room under the covers and sleeping bags, next to the fireplace telling stories. We would be making smores and hot chocolate, laughing at the stories the kids would share. As soon as the power would turn back on, the kids would be disappointed. They would ask, “Turn the lights off”. They loved it when the power was out.

10. When the Electricity Turns Back On
I really don’t need to explain this one.
Yay, 3:20 the power went back on. It was 48 degrees in our house.

Don’t forget to give thanks to the LORD

Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. (1Ch 16:34)


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1 comment:

Candra Georgi said...

i hear it's all over the country right now---even Texas! ha ha

i'm so thankful you power is back on. we take heat for granted don't we?