Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our First Home

Our First home in Crestline, CA

We lived in this little 1000sq foot apartment in Whittier CA. We were newly married and had 5 children together. My husband had 2 daughters and I had 3 daughters. We were like the Bandy Bunch. Dennis had 50 percent custody of his children, one week they lived with us and then one week with their mom.

The apartment had two bedrooms, Dennis and I were in one room and the girls were in the other. Can you image 5 girls living in one room? Crazy! I’m so thankful, because they all loved each other. They were not just new sisters but friends. They did everything together, except Jade, she was only 4 at that time.

I soon found out that we were going to have a baby, everyone was so excited. The only thing was, we didn’t have enough room for another child. We needed a bigger place. Dennis and I didn’t have credit at all, but knew that God wanted us to have a home of our own.

Joshua was born, and he is our only son, I called him my little man. I am so blessed to finally have a son. He lived in our room for the first year of his life…. We decided to look for a house. We really couldn’t afford one and Dennis was the only provider. Before we were married, we decided that I would quit my job and homeschool the kids. I worked for Jenny Craig, yes, I was a consultant. I also worked for LA Fitness and 24 hour Fitness.

We prayed that God would provide a home for us. We looked and searched, we were denied, and some places were outrageous. But we didn’t give up.

We had a friend that lived up in the San Bernardino Mountains and he opened up his home to our youth for a retreat. My husband fell in love and knew that God was calling us to move on the mountain.

I was not ready to move so far away from my family and home church. I remember telling my husband, “God might have told you, but He didn’t tell me”. Soon after, God changed my heart.

We finally found the house that we could afford, it was only a 3 bedroom house, but new it would fit us. The doors were wide open, all we needed was a down payment….God took care of that. He had laid it on a few people’s hearts to give us the money. Dennis and I were just blown way. God is so good!

I remember packing all our things with the help of my parents, friends, and of course all the children. We were so excited! On April 27 2001, our new address was 24538 South Albrun Drive Crestline, CA 92325. We lived on the mountain; there was a forest in front of our home, beside our home, and behind our home. I had a beautiful view from my living room window, pine trees that stood tall and strong.

I would sit and watch the fog roll in, all cozy on the couch next to the fireplace, drinking a cup of hot chocolate. I would watch the snowflakes falling and the tress swaying back and forth; it was the most peaceful time ever, just sitting, looking out the window and praising God for what He created.

So many good memories were made in that home. Our first Home!

Now, God has moved us to Texas.We are making new memories here, but that's a whole other story or should I say post. ©All articles and comments on Dinky’s Hum Drum Journal are the property of Bridget Sherman and are Copyright protected.


Anonymous said...

*Sniff* Miss you! *sniff*

Lillian Mora said...

It is beautiful! It kind of resembles a big tree house with all of nature surrounding it. Thanks for sharing!!!

Lillian Mora said...

It's beautiful, it kind of resembles a big tree house surrounded all by nature. I can only imagine how peaceful it must have been. I love it!

Anonymous said...

The Mountain is a lot quieter now that you all packet up and you left us. nevertheless we love you all.

Anonymous said...

You should have seen the before pics LOL! It was a trure fixer. I miis the forest too:( Your Hubby!