Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Eskimo Rose


Oh my Megan, I have blogged about some of my babies, even my sister, my brother and my parents. Now it’s her turn! My Rose, my Eskimo, my baby, has always been a blessing to me. She has encouraged me in my walk with the LORD and I don’t even think she knows it.


When Megan was born I swore she belonged to an Eskimo mom, she had a full head of hair, she had jet black hair and it stood straight up, and she was as cute as a button. She now has straight long hair and no curls to be found. As for her Mom and Grandma, we have curly hair. I would put her in a papoose and carry her around. At this time, I had a two year old (Brook) and my sister (Amber) that was 4 years old whom I babysat. So it was hard to get things done around the house. So, that’s when I came up with the name “Eskimo”. She was attached to my hip. I remember my mom saying, “Bridget put her down she’s like a monkey on your hip.” She always wanted me to carry her and be with me.

My Meg has always been a fighter, she never gives up and she accomplishes what she puts her mind to. She has dyslexia, but that didn’t stop her from graduating from Bible College. She worked hard, wrote papers, read books and studied. She knows her One and only true God. She is not afraid to make a stand for what is right..... and let you know. She has true convictions. She studied for her driver’s license and passed. Thank you, the Nelsons (her in- laws) for helping her. Now she drives around Arizona. Be safe baby!

She moved out here (Texas) from California and lived with us for almost a year. But then her boyfriend David proposed to her and she left to Arizona.”Megan, come back!” They’re third year anniversary is coming in March. They both serve God and help in his father’s ministry. I’m very proud of both of them. They desire God to be glorified in everything they do.

She always makes me laugh, I love to hear her laugh, and I miss her so! Here is one thing that she has taught me, is to forgive and forget. She would get mad at something or someone and then in few minutes she is happy and laughing again. I asked her, “how can you just let that go just like that?’” “Mom” she says,” I just forget.” Wow, it takes me about a day to just settle down, and maybe a week to forget.

Another thing she taught me was how to make coffee. She worked at Starbucks when she lived with us. Boy was that job hard, but she did it. She learned how to make those drinks and take the orders. Her first week was tough, she broke out in hives. I took her to see the Doctor and he said it was her nerves or she ate something bad. But I ate the same thing she did. Our favorite, California rolls. Image remembering a drink like, a Grande, 2 pump Vanilla, Non-Fat, Extra Hot, Latte, Or , I want a vente Mocha with one shot, iced, caramel sauce on the top and bottom, no whip, light on the ice, and 7 pumps of peppermint syrup. I think I would have quit right on the spot, but she didn’t. As she would say, “You think I don’t know a butt load about making coffee, but I doooooo! I laughed so hard I spilt my coffee all over myself.

Oh, the reason I call her rose is because her cheeks are always rosy. She doesn’t need blush that’s for sure.

Rose, I love you and you are my favorite, but just don’t tell your sisters or your brother.
I love you,

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Anonymous said...

Megan you are Beautiful inside and out.I Love you and respect you,Love Grandma!!

Candra Georgi said...

She's so beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hi !!! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hello. It's good news !