Saturday, January 15, 2011

James’ Arrival

Last night I caught my sister in the baby’s room, just rocking on the chair and day dreaming about the birth of little James Jr. and the arrival of her love James Sr. James was on his way home for his mid- deployment R&R, really for the birth of their first child. Little James waited for his daddy to come home. Any day now we will see little James.

Amber asks,

Who will he look like?

Whose nose will he have?

Will he have curly or straight hair?

Will he have dark or light skin?

When will he be born?

Will it really hurt and how bad?

Will he wait for daddy to be home?

They’re so many questions running through her mind.

Next Morning.......

She tossed and turned all night with excitement of knowing that her husband was on his way from Afghanistan. This morning she received a call at 7:44am from James saying, “I’m at DFW I’m almost home babe.” It's been 6 months since they last seen each other.

Amber prepares to get ready.

What will I wear?

Should I wear my hair straight or curly?

How do I look?

Am I wearing to much makeup?

What time is it?

How do I look Bridget?

Bridget: Beautiful sister!

Amber: He should be here any moment, she looks out the window, he’s here! He’s here!

I promised a lot of pictures!

Now we wait for little James!

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Julie said...

I just started bawling watching the video of James coming home! so happy for them. thanks for posting it!!

Bob said...

I trust you don't mind that I've linked to your story.