Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crochet Week

I have been crocheting all week! I haven’t blog at all; there is something about me that when I start a project I can’t stop till I finally had enough. I really like this hobby, it relaxes me and it helps me get my mind off things. It also gives me an opportunity to learn something new. I use to make just scarfs, but I can go to YouTube and learn to crochet all kinds of things.

I crocheted beanies, blanket, and slippers. My mom is the only one that will wear the slippers, but I think, they turned out so good I will have to crochet Me a pair.

I’m excited because I learn how to crochet flowers, they were easy. I made my button (Jayla) a beanie with changeable flowers. I started a blanket for her, but it will take a little bit longer, it has lots of details that I need to learn.

I think the next thing I want to learn is how to knit!
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1 comment:

AJW said...

WOW SISTER! Good job :)
You can knit me a nice big blanket! Just have it done before i leave Oklahoma :)