Thursday, March 10, 2011

What is a Hero?

Hero: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

Someone you can depend on

Someone you can trust

Someone that will protect you

Someone you can talk to

Someone who is selfless

Someone who is giving

Someone that provides

Someone that is a servant

Someone that loves

Someone that gives His life for you

You don’t need to fly to be a hero or do some great thing…. Just be who God wants you to be.

A child of God

A godly husband or wife

A godly father or mother

A godly son or daughter

A godly sister or brother

A godly uncle or aunt

A godly friend

These are examples of heros!

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I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd