Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Puppet Merit

Today Joshua received his puppet merit. He built a stage, he made his puppet, and he gave a presentation in front of his Royal Ranger commanders. His commanders were very proud of him; they lit up telling me what a great job Joshua had done. I wish I was there to have heard him speak.

My family and I have been performing puppet show for over 12 years now. It started off with Dennis and his two girls, then we got married, my girls and I began helping. Now that our four girls our out on their own, it’s just Josh and Eyve and sometimes Jade that helps with the puppet shows. I do miss those days when we all were together going to different church and performing. Lots of fun!

We now do puppet shows almost every Sunday at our church. I like that we can do a work for the LORD together as a family.

I'm very proud of my son, he made his first puppet and did a great job. He built the stage himself also.

The stage is made from PVC piping.

He sewed the puppet himself

 Oh, it's a sheep if you couldn't till.

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Anonymous said...

Im so proud of you Josh Boy good Job Grandma loves you so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh this is your uncle and grandpa we think you did a great job for the lord. And were so proud of you.we like the sheep you made. tedll your butthead mom we love her too.