Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Williamsons' Wedding July 25th 2009

Wow! My sister is married and it was such a beautiful wedding. It was perfect! I can’t wait to see the pictures. I found this one on face book and grabbed it. She is glowing looking in to his eyes with love and he looking it to her eyes, as they committed to one another and the Lord. Amber made the wedding dress look even more beautiful. The dress was a v neck with lace and pearls. The train was the right length. James looked handsome in his uniform.

The candles lit with soft lights in the back ground. As she walked down the aisle with our father, she couldn’t take her eyes off of James and I looked over to see James he couldn’t believe that she was going to be his bride forever. I think that he is the luckiest man in the world to have found my sister.
Before she went to the church, our Mom helped her get dressed and our Dad slipped her shoes on. It was a great touch as I remember them getting her dressed when she was a child. I had the pleasure to put pearl earrings on her. This was a miracle because I’m blind without my glasses. My parents had their last drive with their little girl as Amber Cano. She will always be their little girl, but now she is Amber Williamson.

The church and the reception were decorated so nice with candles and soft lights. Jade and Lindsey sang, “Feels like Home” while they had their first dance being married. The father and daughter dance was very special they have their very own song that our Dad would dance and sing to her. It’s called The Blue Danuby.

The night ended with watching James and Amber drive away to the honeymoon. As my Mom and I had tears of happiness waving good bye. She’s all grown up! I love you sister your wedding was perfect and you were beautiful. But you have always been beautiful inside and out.

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