Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Last Couple of Weeks

I haven't had a chance to blog this last couple of weeks. It seems like right after the wedding all kinds of things needed to be done, but they're not getting done! My body has been in pain and I'm so tired. I had a pounding headache yesterday. Now, my right hip and leg is in pain. My toes are numb. I think it's a pinched nerve (sciatic nerve) I know that I didn't spell that right.

I had two studies to complete plus teaching the kids for church. Trying to get the house in order can be hard when your not feeling well. The kitchen is a mess! Dennis had to wash the dishes because he got tired of looking at the mess. I have loads of clothes to wash because I didn't wash them when my family was here. Towels and towels to wash. When you have a pool you have towels to wash. My two brats think wow mom won't notice our rooms. They're room was hit by a train (train wreck).

I still have a house to clean, the linen from the wedding is still in the living room. I think that the lady is coming tomorrow to pick them up. I still have other wedding things in the front room, I need to find a place for them. I thought maybe I can use them again or some one may need then. So if you know anyone let me know.

My Jade which I call my sunshine is in CA with her father. She is being used by God! Her cousin gave her life to the Lord and she got her father to read the word with her. She asks for prayer because it is a battle. She really misses home and she really appreciates her church. I can't wait for her to come up. I sing this song to her called You are my Sunshine. So I told her that I can't see the sun and it's so gloomy here with out my sunshine. She says's "mom"!

Well, I talked to my sister but not real long. She has been busy taking care of James, he is really sick. She is being such a good little wife. Today she washed 8 loads of laundry and clean the apt. She called our mom to find out how to make meat loaf. My mom make the best meat loaf. It's so weird for me to realize that she now has her own little place and husband and live in OK. To far for me but that's where God has her. I love you sister!

It's just us here (Dennis, Josh, Eyve, and me) It's quite! I was so used of having a loud house with all the kids around. I have to get use to having a small family now. I'm going to have twin boys tomorrow and their brother Kamoron over for awhile. So that's cool ! I like it when the house is full. Friday I will have the Ferrington kids over too. That will keep me distracted for while till Jade gets home.

God has been speaking to me, so off I go to my other blog.
Thank you mom for encouraging me to blog!
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Anonymous said...

I Love you so much Dinky but when your in pain Dennis needs to help and clean and do Laundry I wish we lived close to you Daddy and I would help clean. I worred about you but I do know the Lord is with you always , Love you Dennis if your reading this Love you dinky your Mom

Bridget said...

I'm thankful! Dennis helped me around the house. I'm glad that he likes to cook dinner. I really wished that he loved to wash dishes. I'm feeling better now.
I love you too,

Anonymous said...

I love you both! I wish i was there to help you clean towels (After I went swimming :)) I really miss all of you, my jadiebug, joshy and little bean. I love you all sherman familia!