Saturday, July 4, 2009

What I Miss About 4th of July

This blog will be different from my other blog . This one will be on just my everyday life with my family and friends. I guess maybe, I like to bloging because it seems like I'm being heard...... Why do people blog?

Today reminds me of when I was a child. I remember taking a picture with my brothers on July 4th 1976. Amber wasn't born yet.... I have to find that picture! We were holding up a box of fireworks that said 1776. It was 200 years of celebration. I'm trying to remember more but what can I say. We always had people over, family, and friends from across the street . We had corn on the cob cooking on the barbecue. I remember just having fun, running around lighting fireworks. Didn't have to worry about anything much in those days.

Today we will stay home and go swimming. My sister, James, and Lindsey are coming over. I think Monica and the girls might come too. It's so different not having all my kids here. Brook, Megan, Ashley, and Kim  are doing their own thing in different states this year. I miss them sooooo. My parents would be too if they weren't in CA.

In Crestline California we would be on our mountain looking over the lake, we can see the firework show. It was a beautiful view. Great show! The city would put it together and it cost 20 thousand dollars..... I have those pictures somewhere. Even though it is a different season for me. I know we will still have a great day.

 I do have my memories, I think! We would hike through the woods and there was a place the girls called the rock. We can see everything. It was just a nice place to sit and meditate. I do miss the rock.
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Bridget said...

Sister, I don't know why it wouldn't let you post a comment, but I got it. The rock is something I don't think any of the girls will forget.