Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunshine is coming home

She cracks me up! Grrrrrrr and peace out!

I have one more day before my sunshine comes home. I can't wait to put my arms around her and smell her head. This was the longest 3 weeks ever. I don't think I will ever let her do this again. I slept in her bed once well she was gone. I tryed not to slobber on her pillows, but oh well. I have truly missed her.

See, she would go everywhere with me, she is like my right hand man. So I was lonely with out her. We would go to walmart, the bank, takes drives, and go to church, somtimes sneak a movie. And if she wasn't with me then she would be in her room playing her guitar all day and all night. Now the house has been very quite except when Josh and Eyve would fight..... When she would play I would listen and be blessed on how she worshiped God. I can't wait to hear her play again. The Lord has been doing a good work well she has been gone. I know that she must have written a new song or amybe a few new songs.

We will pick her up at 10:45pm at the airport. I pray for traveling mercies for her. Josh and Eyve are excited to see their big sister too. Josh even cried for her and made her a card, but I'm not suppose to tell anyone. The good thing is Jade won't be mad at them because they did stay out of her room. She hates for them to go in her room when she's not in here. One time thou she allowed them to go in and get on her hammock, that was nice of her. (What can I say teenagers)

We still have to go and sign her up for school, which gives her a tummy ache just thinking about. Thursday we have a big day ahead of us. Wednesday will be fun because she is wanting to see her church family. She missed everyone and told me how much she appreciates them. I'm so blessed to have her as my daughter. God is so good!
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Anonymous said...

Grandma and Grandpa miss her to we Loved seeing her only for one Day tell next time Jade bug you will always be in are mind and heart My Jade bug we Love you so Much.

Amber said...

I can't believe you told the blog world Josh's little moment. :) I love all of my nieces and nephews! I can't wait to see JadieBug!