Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rise Early in the Morning

Some of you will be blown way about how early I got up today. As you all know I like to sleep in. I got up at 5am. No way, right! It was good for me to get up early. I cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, and wash two loads for clothes. Its was all good. I even made muffins for breakfast for Dennis and the kids.

I was able to do my study and spend time with the LORD. Good time in the word! He spoke to me about all kinds of things. First of all that He says" I am the LORD, and there is no other, I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity, I the LORD, do all things." (Isaiah 45:7) What, He created calamity. I need to meditate on that one some more. I know He allows thing to happen so we can be more like Him. It's so hard to be a loving, forgiving and a peacemaking person when something bad has happen or someone has wronged you (me).

Also, about marriage, "But even if you do marry you have not sinned: and if a virgin marries, she has not sinned Nevertheless such will have trouble in the flesh, but I would spare you." (1 Cor 7:28) Which mean those who get married will have troubles and problems. I never seen that before.... No wonder why some many marriages are going through tough times. I can speak on that one. How are flesh gets in the way. Boy do we need to learn to be Christ in our marriages! Remembering that we made a commitment to Jesus for better or for worse. It's a test to see how commented we are to Jesus.

Today will be a good day, I need to have a thankful heart. Thank you Jesus for getting me up so early. Thank you for letting everyone still be in bed. Thank you for being a good Father to me. Thank you for always provided. You are so good!

Today Jade will be hanging out with her grandparents and also some of her friends for CCLA. She has not seen her friends in a year. I pray that she will be blessed and I can't wait to have her come home on Tuesday. My parents are so excited to have her with them for awhile. Have fun sunshine!

I have be so involved in this game called the farm town. It's where you created your own farm. You plow and sow and then harvest. Then you go to the market place and sell what you have. You can buy animals, trees, flowers, homes and all kind of things. I like it because it takes my mind off other things. I think deep down in side I wish I had my own farm. I have a cow and one sheep. I would like to have 7 sheep because it will remind me of my 7 children. I'm telling you, you better be praying for me. I'm a little stir crazy from being in the house to long. I'm not a game person, just ask my son he always wants me to play with him, but it's not my thing. People have the wii some have play station, but I'll stick to playing  farm town.

Today, we get to have a free pizza. The kids love pizza. Tuesday we had free Tuesday tacos from Jack in the box, I love those taco! Lets see what we can get tomorrow for free! Thank you Jesus!
Well, I think I'm just rumbling now. I must be tired, maybe I'll go back to bed. The house is still so quite.
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Anonymous said...

you are so bless we dont get nothing Free here in sunny Ca a free pizza and free tacos I think it's the Lord helping you thank you Jesus and to get up at 5am some thing is going on at your house I think your filling Better I think its all that Free Food your getting Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Sister you make me laugh. I was blessed to read your devo. part about marriage. I desire to be Christ to James, somethimes it's hard. I'm so selfish! It's good to read that the Lord is not only supplying you with food (free food) but with strength! I love you and wish you could come visit me. save your pennies and come take a drive to Oklahoma! I love you! Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

This one is going to take me awhile to read. I am having trouble getting past the part that you woke up at 5 am. :) I love you, friend! Monica