Saturday, August 8, 2009

I love my pj's

I have been in my pj's almost everyday now. Well, yesterday I went to Wallmart to buy a few things but went right back in to my pj. I love my pj.'s I just don't sleep in my pj's I do everything in my pj's. I clean in my pj's, read in my pj's , I blog in my pj's and even baby sit in my pj's. They're the most comfortable clothing I can wear.

When I knew that people were coming over I would wait till the last minute to change my clothes, now it's who cares I'll just stay in my pj's. When I go out I try to get all prettyed up (is that a word prettyed) for Sunday church but as soon as I get home my pj's are waiting.

My kids are having so much fun in the pool and I'm watching them in my pj's. I was wondering should I just jump in? No, then I would have to get in to my bathing suit and I don't like my bathing suit much. Ok, I don't like how I look in my bathing suit.

I can depend on my pj's. They will always be there for me. I love my pj's! And I don't look to bad in them either.
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Anonymous said...

You laugh in your pj's, go poo poo in your pj's (well not in them, you catch my drift)take showers and then get back in your pj's, talk to your family in your pj's! You love your pj's!!!!

love sister

Anonymous said...

Poo poo in the pj's...hmmm. What has marriage done to your mind? :)

Anonymous said...

It's done a lot...OHHHH has it done a lot! ahaha!