Saturday, September 5, 2009

Far Away!

We have lived here in Texas for about a year now and I'm really liking it. Thou my Husband really doesn't like it much but I think it's rubbing off. He had a chance to go to CA for a week for a Doctors appointment. I hope that it went well!

Well, I haven't heard from him that much, he must be having a great time. Since he has been gone I have fixed the shade, the shade keeped falling down when we would pull it up. I got the dishwasher fix, it was only the water that was turned off. Clean our bedroom, there was dog hair all over the place. Learn to clean the bottom of the pool, it was really green. Had the kids clean the car, it was their mess anyways.

 Now I think I will clean the garage again! That is a never ending story. All the clothes are washed. The house is prefect, not for long though. The kids rooms are clean. What more is there for me to do. I guess farm town here I come, a game on facebook.
Believe it or not, but I have been making dinner every night. Remember Dennis is the cook in the house. I have made my favorite spaghetti, chicken nuggets, burritos, steaks, hot dogs,and pizza. Ok, I confess, we went out a few times. What can I say I try! I really want to make my mom's tuna casserole, yummy!

We miss Dennis and hope that he is having a great time. I hope soon he will call and give us a up date on everything. I think he is going to a car show today with his friends Bob and Joann. That was nice of them to let him stay at their home.
 They do have a nice home.

 Bob is a retired police officer and Judge, Joann is a retired detective. So I know nothing can go wrong. I miss my old home! The weather is so nice and the view is beautiful. I know that Dennis is loving it up there in Lake Arrowhead.
Even though he is far away we are missing him here at our new home in Texas. We are praying for you Dennis, I love you. ©All articles and comments on Dinky’s Hum Drum Journal are the property of Bridget Sherman and are Copyright protected.


Anonymous said...

yes he is having a good time we seen him the other day he looks fine we love you so much Dinky Mom and Dad wish you all was here to.

Bridget said...

ME TOO! I miss you all and love you