Thursday, January 26, 2012

Longing for Love

She desires to be loved deeply
Wanting her love to think of her
Wondering if she ever crosses his mind
Doubt seems to occur

She’s all alone, wanting him
She can’t do it anymore, the longing is too much
Longing for him and not getting anything in return
No love, no comfort, not even a soft touch

She wants to be loved like she ought to be loved
She wants to share her feelings and know he cares
Holding her when she cries
Telling her, “I’m here, have no fears”

Her heart is getting hard, she can’t do it anymore
She’s tired of longing for love she’ll never receive
His affection, his heart, his companionship, and intimacy
Remembering the words, “I promise I will never leave”

She’s all alone
With her dreams and hopes
Her heart is broken and needs to be healed
With Jesus though, she does deal and copes
She is in the way of what he wants
Her love is a heavy burden to him
She’s tired of longing for his love 
Hopefully there will still be a them
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Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet sister. I love you.