Sunday, March 23, 2014


I want to tell you a story about this women named Sherl, she is 53 and she has been living in the street for 16 years. We are building a relationship and she feels safe to share things with me. She has a story that seems to be similar to other homeless people that have lived on the streets for so long. They have some type of abuses, addictions, hurt, pains, regrets, deaths,  lost hope. This is the way we live attitude. 

Sherl has no teeth, she's this tiny women that doesn't like to be around others, she lives in a tent that we gave her and she calls it her home in Beverly Hills. She carries her knife and is a lite sleeper. People come around at night trying to take her things and try to do other things to her, but she is ready. 

She as shared a little of how she ended up on the streets but I haven't heard the whole story. Her and her brother live on the streets, his name is Blue, he loves the color blue. He is a drukard and a cocane addict.... He always tells us he is blessed and has his bible, he even gives money to help on Sundays with the meals. He hasn't open up yet, but he loves it when we just sit with him. I know she is on something to but not sure what. 

They both have lost there parents and their children have been taken away from them. They do see them but not as often as they like. Sherl claims her brother keeps secrets from her and she knows he see them more than she does. But one day she will know his secrets. 

As she is on her 4th donut and her second cup of coco, she asks me in her little baby voice, "can I please have some chips and a bottle of water for later." I smile and said yes, but that I had to leave now. She said,"ok I will see you next week and to tell you more, oh and look what I'm reading," she shows me her bible. Thank God! 

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Anonymous said...

Being Jesus to people. You make God smile. :-)

Bridget Sherman said...

Thank you! Im only doing what I believe he wants me too.