Saturday, July 26, 2014

Out In The World

Not knowing the world
In my Christain bubble
How hard it is to work
And all the trouble

Hearing cussing and frustration
With stress and moods
Wanting me to be real
Pushing and intrudes

You're not human
You're not real
Come on show us
You're not the real deal

To kind to sweet
Easily believes
Who are you
You are deceived

Come out of your shell
Be real with me
I will push and push
I want to see

In this time of expanding, learning, and advancing know my grace will also be with you to help you along the way. I will help you to learn the lessons needed and guide you. Along with my grace being poured upon you, this season will also require humility within your heart, and submissiveness to be willing to learn new things.

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Insightful! :)