Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Guess I Will Stay

I withdraw emotionally 
From the very one 
I hoped would rescue me
Should I run and be free?

I closed up my spirit
In order to protect 
My heart from ache
Should I leave and forsake? 

Intimacy, happiness, hope
Turns to
Isolation, pain, despair

I grow old and gray 
And think
Who will take care of me?
Who will listen to my plea?

I feel alone and he doesn't care
Tears run down my face
I want things to change 
But will It be strange? 

It's been like this for so long
Go to sleep and wake up
Wake up and go to sleep
Lay in bed and weep

I pray one day to find my love again 
I pray he would rescue me 
I pray he would take me away from all this
And tell me, "I love you," and give me a kiss

We shall be as one again 
No more secrets, no more walls
My one and only best friend
Life time together we will spend.

This is what I pray
So I guess I will stay. 

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